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Inselführungen Fraueninsel


Monika Huber

Frauenchiemsee 29 a

Uferweg Ost
83256 Chiemsee

Tel.: 08054 322 oder 08054 9089504
Tel.: 0163 1835283 od. 0177 4826020

E-Mail: info@fraueninsel-fuehrungen.de


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History of Frauenchiemsee

Welcome to a conducted tour on Frauenchiemsee with Monika Huber.
The history of Frauenchiemsee is closely connected with the history of its abbey, founded by Duke Tassilo 3rd of Bavaria ( 746 - 788 ). From this period still present is the "Torhalle" with its chappels and the famous angel-frescoes, one of the oldest historical monuments conserved in Bavaria.
At the end of the Carolingian time the abbey flourished and Charlemagnes grandson, Louis “The German” ( ca 804 - 876 ) appointed his daughter Irmengard as abbess of the nunnery on Frauenwörth. Additional to the visit of the church and  the “Torhalle” we`ll have a walk around the village with its pitoresque houses and flowergardens, often depicted in 19th century, when a painters`colony flourished on the island. Therefore at the cemetery graves of many eminent people may be found.
The tour takes about an hour and can be joined to wedding- or birthday- ceremonies as well as seminars, sightseeing tours etc.

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Inselführungen Fraueninsel & Inselladen Monika Huber
Frauenchiemsee 29 a - Uferweg Ost, 83256 Chiemsee
Telefon ++49-(0)8054-322 (Büro) ++49-(0)8054-9089504 (Laden)
E-Mail info@fraueninsel-fuehrungen.de